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Crack the cosmic egg

Apparently Take That are on the sound track…

So, I went to see X-men First Class on Friday night. Isn't it good!

I loved Erik's action man bits at the beginning. Charles' university bits weren't quite as badass, but bless that pick up line ;D

I did like how, even though the relationship between Charles and Erik was the centre of the film, we got to see everyone, and were given lots of basis for the events of the climax. We got enough of the bromance to understand it, without it being forced down our throats! I also like they made Raven Charles' sort-of-sister, I though it worked really well.

That beach scene was pretty heartbreaking though! The whole conversation after Charles was shot, and the realisation that they didn't actually want the same thing almost had me in tears.
That said, the coin thing was absolutely horrible, especially when you realise that Charles was connected to Shaw and was therefore screaming because he could feel the coin passing through his head (which I didn't get until in the car on the way home).

In conclusion, an epic tale of a bromance cut tragically short.
And Take That have a song on the soundtrack called Love Love. It's like they want the slash!