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Jenson Button

I'm still alive, promise!

It appears I have failed to post for almost 4 months (um, oops?) so I just wanted to let you all know I hadn't disappeared off the face of the planet completely!

I've been busy with my second semester of my masters course. That finished last month and I've just got my dissertation to do over the summer. I've got first drafts of my introduction and methods chapters done, and I finally started working on my samples today. I'll be using chemical analysis (nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios) to look at the weaning age of Anglo-Saxon children, which I'm loving and no-one else on my course is really interested in :D

Entertainment-wise, I saw both Thor (an OK film, the stuff on Asgard was much more interesting than the stuff on Earth) and Pirates 4 (not as good as the first, but much better than the 2nd and 3rd), and I'm going to see the new X-men film at the weekend (I've managed to avoid spoilers so far!).

-The Doctor Who finale was absolutely epic, here's hoping for some more Rory the Roman next season because he was pure brilliance!
-I've finally caught up with White Collar, just in time for the new season, which I'm looking forwards to starting.
-I started watching Justified, which I love! And not just for that lovely Kentucky drawl, Deputy Gutterson is also a big factor :)
-Camelot started on Saturday, and if the first 2 eps are anything to go by it should be a pretty good series. I am determined to watch it as it airs in the UK rather than go searching for it online.

And finally, I watched the entire 5 hours of yesterdays Canadian Grand Prix. Jenson Button is officially a legend!!


The dissertation sounds awesome - good luck with it!
Thank you, I'm looking forwards to boring all my friends with it :)
X-Men! I am excited you are seeing it soon! Please to be talking to me all about it afterwards as I have a massive lady-boner for that entire film (despite its flaws) and everyone in it. *currently writing too long anon fills on a kinkmeme*

Also - if you're, ah, acquiring White Collar than I have news for you! It started last week in the US. :D
Based on other reactions I've seen, I'm expecting my post-X-men reaction to be mostly squeeful :)

I shall be *cough*acquiring*cough* White Collar, I wasn't aware it had started again already! I know what I'll be watching tonight!