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baby monster of cookies

A busy month

Wow, I'm so bad at updating :D

I've had quite a busy month. My January exams went well, I've got all my marks for my first semester back, and I did pretty well! I've got a little bit of a buffer in case I drop a couple of marks in any of my modules this semester.
I've also got my master's dissertation topic sorted out. I'm going to be examining the chemical signatures of skeletons at an Anglo-Saxon cemetery to try and find out the weaning age of the juveniles, which should be fun!

On the culture scene, I went to see the King's Speech with some friends from my course (it was excellent, and well deserving of all those awards), I saw comedian Russell Howard in Manchester with my brother and cousin (the third time we've been to see him, and he was as good as ever), and Spamalot a couple of weeks ago with my parents, brother and sister for my dad's 50th birthday (Phil Jupitus and Todd Carthy as Arthur and Patsy, although Jodie Prenger's understudy was playing Lady of the Lake. Another thing I would reccomend, particularly for Monty Python fans).
TV wise, I thought Hustle was brilliant, I'm enjoying the Tudors (even if the last episode was a tad gruesome), I've remembered why I loved Due South so much (s3 is airing at lunch times on BBC2) and I'm sharing Hawaii 5-0 with an American fellow student (who loves it even if she does say McGarrett's accent isn't 100% authentic American :D )

Hope all my f-list are doing well, I have been reading things, and I apologise for not commenting more often!



That dissertation topic sounds fascinating!
It's going to be interesting! I did an essay on isotopes and weaning age last year on my undergrad, so I know the basics. I had a meeting with one of my dissertation supervisors today, and he pulled out an article that I've been looking at for one of my modules this semester, so I think we're on the same page :D
Your dissertation topic really does sound fascinating.