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Dec. 2nd, 2010

Stained frog


Anyone else snowed in?
I'm technically not, but the University is closed due to the number of people who are. Bradford had quite a large dumping yesterday, we got over a foot and it was snowing all day. Even emergency vehicles were having difficulty getting around the city centre apparantly.
This is fun as I get a day off, but annoying as I wanted to go into the lab and work. Oh well, I think I'll be cleaning the flat and watching Monty Python instead :D

Nov. 10th, 2010

Lucifer Box quote


Do you remember a couple of years ago you could type in 'Get Directions: New York - Paris' and one of the stages told you to swim across the Atlantic?

Well Google Maps have done it again:

1) Go to Google Maps
2) Click Get Directions
3) Type Japan as starting point
4) Type China as ending point
5) Go to # 43 on the directions

For those who can't be bothered to do all that...Collapse )

Oct. 31st, 2010


Clocks change!

The clocks have been changed on my phone, watch and laptop, but not my wall clock or microwave. I keep glancing up and thinking it's an hour later than it actually is!

Oct. 6th, 2010

baby monster of cookies

Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

Hopefully they would conclude 'Archaeologist' not 'Weirdo who is obsessed with skeletons' (although both are kind of true :D ).

Sep. 27th, 2010

These are not

Lectures and comedy

First day of lectures today, Archaeology of Human Remains this morning, followed by Maths and Quantitative Methods in the afternoon. I'm going to have to start getting up for 9.00 again :S
I met most of the people on my course on Friday at the induction, they all seem really nice! There are a couple of other Bradford graduates, one of whom I remember from a couple of years ago, and also a handful of foreign students, including girls from the Netherlands, America and Canada.

I also went to see Armstrong and Miller at the St George's Hall with a couple of friends on Saturday night. They did a series of sketches and they were very good, if a little ruder than they are on-screen! They also managed to keep the show going through some technical difficulties, which showed off their improvisation :D

Sep. 22nd, 2010

Control tobacco

Back in good old Bradford, um...

I'm back in Bradford for another year, doing a MSc in Human Osteology and Palaeopathology (i.e. archaeological human skeletons and their diseases - and yes, I do get a funny look everytime I tell someone :D ).

I'm in my own studio flat instead of a shared flat this year. This is good, as I don't have to deal with anyone else's mess in the kitchen, but odd as I'm so used to having people around! I'm back for Freshers, which is also odd as most other people around at the moment are 18 to my 22, but I have met up with a couple of other returning students, so there are others in my situation :) Lectures start next week, so we're currently wandering around the Freshers fayre and other attractions to pass the time!

Sep. 5th, 2010


Muse = awesomesauce

I went to see Muse last night at the Lancashire County Cricket ground with various members of my family, and they were brilliant!

They played lots of old stuff (New Born, Citizen Erased, Plug in Baby) as well as songs from the newer albums, and linked them, rather randomly, with other peoples songs (if you're going to the last couple of dates at Wembley, brush up on House of the Rising Sun lyrics!), so I'm rather hoarse at the moment from singing along :D

The stage show was also amazing, they had a massive set, made to look like a skyscraper above the stage, which was actually a giant screen, and the thrust of the stage raised up and spun around. The lights were brilliant, and right at the end, they threw giant inflatable eyeballs across the crowd (completely random). And their suits! I'm not sure Matt's could have been shinier, Chris's more stripy, or Dominic's more skin tight!

In conclusion, an awesome show, just as good now as they were when I first saw them 7 years ago :D

Aug. 16th, 2010

Lucifer Box quote

In which viewings of media things has occurred

The suitcase that was lost between Geneva and Liverpool has not turned up as of yet. Mum and I made a list of everything that was in the case for the insurance, and the cost to replace everything came to over £800 :S

But anyway, I have been catching up on my telly. Mainly Sherlock.
I absolutely love Sherlock!! Watson is brilliant (psychosomatic limp and all) and Holmes is just amazing! I'm loving the tie-in websites as well, Watson's blog, Molly Hooper's blog and Sherlock's website. Mycroft and Lestrade are also favourites of mine and I love all the little nods the original text.
The only problem I have is the ending of the third episode. EVIL CLIFFHANGER!!!

In other viewings, I have been to see the A-Team (with my brother and a cousin). It's a good action movie (a very good action movie), but it's not the A-Team if you know what I mean. There are plenty of explosions and plans coming together, etc, but Murdock isn't crazy enough, and the van only has a token appearance, and people die (which never happened in the TV series), and it's much more about clearing their names than helping some small town terrorised by an evil/corrupt person/organisation. Maybe a sequel will have more of the A-Team feel to it.

Finally, I saw Inception a couple of nights ago with some friends, and I absolutely loved it! It wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be (it was just as complicated, but they explained it really well), although we did still spend at least an hour discussing it in McDonalds afterwards :D The only thing that is confusing me now is that I was sure that the wife was called Moll, but according to the credits her name was Mal. I am going to put this down to my British ears vs. their American accents.
It is definitely the best film I've seen in a while, and if you haven't seen it yet you should go out and do so now!

Aug. 8th, 2010

Jenson Button


Hello! I am back from my hols, as tan as I ever get, i.e. brown enough to have tan lines, but not anywhere near as brown as my mum. Damn my father's Gaelic skin!!

We had 2 very nice weeks in the French Alps. I went with my parent and my brother and sister, we spent a week in Chamonix, at the bottom of Mont Blanc, and then a week about an hour away at Morzine. Both have lovely scenery and lots of mountain walks and cable car rides which we all enjoyed, and it only rained on 3 days, which I think is a success! The only downside was that one of our suitcases went missing somewhere between Geneva and Liverpool airports, fortunately it only contained some shoes and waterproof coats and the was a very nice man at Liverpool who assured us that missing cases usually turn up eventually. Fingers crossed!

I'm now trying to catch up on emails, livejournal, and TV. I hear people have been enjoying Sherlock, and we have recorded it all, along with Top Gear and some other bits a pieces, which I am sure I shall be watching whilst doing the massive piles of ironing :D

Jul. 18th, 2010

Crack the cosmic egg


I went to see Hairspray in Manchester yesterday with a bunch of family (mostly female :D ), and it was brilliant. Some musicals can lose momentum somewhat, but Hairspray was very energetic all the way through, which was great. Michael Ball was brilliant as Mrs Turnblad, even if he and Nigel Planer did completely corpse during their duet! (The entire audience cracked up at that point!) It's definately a show I would recommend!

Speaking of musicals, last week was show week at my Mum's primary school. They were performing (a short version) Bugsy Malone, and it was very good for a bunch of under 11's.
The full score has also arrived for Return to the Forbidden Planet, which our local drama group will be performing in September. My brother and I are going to be in the band (trumpet and alto sax respectively), and fortunately the score seems fairly straight forwards. Lots of 60's classics :D

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